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BVC Marketing is BEEE Level 4 compliant and is the proud sole importer, exporter & distributor of the Enomatic® Wine Serving Systems in South Africa.

Providing a perfect pour, preserved taste & pleasurable experience everytime.

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Engineered in Italy

Enomatic® is the world-wide leader in preservation & serving technology for wine, sparkling wine & spirits.

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How can Enomatic® Wine Dispensers help you?


Our Enomatic® Wine Serving Systems use a patented, food grade Argon/Nitrogen gas preservation system to protect your wine from oxidation and ensure the organoleptic integrity remains in tact.

Eliminate Waste

Make more profit with our Enomatic® wine preservation & pouring systems by eliminating loss from spillage, overpouring and theft (average loss of 20% in the industry)!

Customer Experience

Enomatic® Wine Serving Systems create a pleasurable customer experience by offering variety, control & perfection with every glass poured⁠⁠

Increase Sales

Enomatic® Wine Serving Systems will help you significantly improve your wine sales by attracting customers, selling your wines by the glass and promoting your finest bottles of wine!


Enomatic® has an impressive range of wine dispensers and surely the perfect one for you. Find out which one fits your needs by comparing them!

Enomatic® models

eno ONE®

2-Bottle Wine Dispenser.

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enoline ELITE® 4

4-Bottle Wine Dispenser.

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enoline ELITE® 8

8-Bottle Wine Dispenser.

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Lease to own.

  • No upfront cash
  • No depreciation
  • Payments are tax deductible
  • Improve balance sheet ratios
  • Improved assest management
  • Obsolescence hedge

Wine By The Glass

With Enomatic®, the wines your guests order are always fresh and served at their optimum temperatures. Its unique automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spout after every serve ensures the highest hygiene and wine quality.

Quality Assessment

Enomatic® wine dispenser keeps wine from being altered by oxygen and protects its oreganoleptic integrity “taste, aroma, body, and colour” for over 24 days (certified) thanks to the use of state-of-the-art gas preservation.

Benefits of Enomatic®

Wine that is not consumed oxidizes in the bottle and is often wasted, creating unnecessary costs and profit loss for a wine business. Enomatic® wine dispensers are designed to eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses.

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