Enomatic Certifications | WINE CULTURE: A COMMON GOOD

Starting from the principle that wine culture is a common good, we have set ourselves the goal of satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding consumers and offer a personalised tasting experience through flexible and innovative systems that also responds the needs of the manager of the venue.

The Enomatic project was therefore created to combine the needs of both the consumer and the manager, positively and proactively revolutionizing styles of consumption.

Enomatic dispensers allow the wine to be drawn directly from the bottle to the glass through a gas system (inert gas that prevents normal wine alterations due to oxidation). The wine retains its characteristics for more than three weeks after opening the bottle, as if it had just been opened.

Enomatic systems are characterized by:

• Protection and conservation of the wine via nitrogen;

• computerized monitoring of the quantities dispensed;

• Automatic cleaning of the nozzles after each delivery, quality assurance and maximum hygiene;

• individual housing of the bottles, which may be of different heights and shapes;

• Electronic keys with a luminous display.

One may also choose from a wide range of options and activation systems (with or without WineCard), which allow use and adaptability for every need.

Original Story: http://www.enomatic.com/about-2/#certifications

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